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Zaha Hadid’s UltraStellar Collection Is Out Of This World

By Victor Baker


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Zaha Hadid’s loss has been a terrible blow for the entire world, but the Iraqi-born British architect has already left her mark on our world forever with so many spectacular designs, becoming the first woman to receive the acclaimed Pritzker Architecture Prize in the process.

Six months after the unexpected passing of the brilliant architect, Zaha Hadid astounds us one last time, with her final collection of furnishings, that was unveiled this past week. Called UltraStellar, this amazing collection gives credit where credit is due, dropping our jaws with the same fluid lines and innovative shapes that Zaha became well known for, making us feel a magical blend of sadness, happiness and appreciation.


Zaha Hadid’s last collection of furnishings mixes previous designs dating back to 2012 and includes a futuristic metal and glass chandelier, two rippling coffee tables and two chairs. Three new clear acrylic pieces have also been added to the most appreciated Liquid Glacial collection, on which David Gill has also collaborated back in 2014.

The Ultrastellar collection will set you back somewhere between $20,760 and $343,800, and is currently on display in David Gill’s store – until October 29, that is. Thank you, Zaha Hadid, one last time.


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