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Yamaha Star Venture is our new Favorite Luxury Tourer

By Victor Baker


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Yamaha Star Venture

Yamaha planned to take us all by surprise with its newest offering, a jaw dropping luxury tourer that aims to take over the American mega touring market in the near future. Watch out Harley, there might be a new sheriff in town! Based on the popular 1,854cc v-twin engine that Raider cruiser owners know and appreciate, the new Yamaha Star Venture is the company’s new touring flagship, and obviously comes with the best features Yamaha has to offer.

The Star Venture comes with an impressive infotainment system, featuring a 7-inch screen, and the special Sure-Park drive system that slowly moves the bike in forward or reverse directions to ensure you will park this heavy beast perfectly. Things are already looking great for this Yamaha bike, but could it really compete with the best bikes from Harley Davidson?

Yamaha Star Venture

Yamaha also equipped this beauty with LED quad headlights, an adjustable windscreen and central-locking saddlebags and top trunk, as well as four-way heated seats and grips, adjustable backrests, tire pressure sensors and a full set of electronic driver assist equipment including ABS, TC, cruise control and riding modes. The stereo system may seem like too much, especially since most riders love the sound of the engine more than anything else, but it’s there if you really want to use it.

And if you want to get even more features, the TransContinental (TC) touring pack adds built-in GPS navigation, SiriusXM satellite radio, dual zone audio control, fog lights, additional storage and a security system with an alarm. The Yamaha Star Venture will set you back just $24,990, or $26,990 with the TC Touring package. Ready for a trip?

Yamaha Star Venture

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