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Xpresso 1500 Catamaran of NISI Yachts

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It has come to our knowledge that the award-winning Caribbean-based design studio Setzer Yacht Architects was recently commissioned by NISI Yachts to pen down a one off high-performance state of the art catamaran yacht series as an addition to the NISI’s Xpresso line of exquisite yachts.

According to the two brands, the newly designed yacht boasts pod drive propulsion for improved speed, maneuverability and faster responsiveness during docking and a plumb bow hull shape bound to pierce through all possible sorts of waves. Above all, it is said to reach astonishing speeds in excess of 25 knots.

Outside, the picture looks pretty much artistic if you ask us. The catamaran boasts a modern exterior which is interestingly mated to a classy area consisting of an open-plan salon and galley, ensuring a fluent passage from the interiors to the exterior. The president of Setzer Yacht Architects, Ward Setzer, admitted it was a real pleasure to work on a layout such as the aforementioned, as it can be used in a vast number of ways, from charter or vacation to entertainment and, why not, explorative purposes.

As a last minute addition, the Xpresso 1500, the first 15-meter yacht of the series, will reportedly meet sea water sometime during 2014.

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