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World’s Largest Vivid Blue Diamond to be Auctioned by Christie’s

By Brody Patterson


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Christie’s has unveiled what seems to be the world’s largest vivid blue diamond. This extremely rare, flawless jewel has been called The Blue and owes its name to its mesmerizing cobalt blue color.

The diamond is unusually large for such an exquisite stone, weighing in at 13.22 carats. The Blue will be auctioned by Christie’s in few weeks time along with about 250 other jewels, with the entire series being valued at $80 million.

Other notable stones will also be sold on the occasion. One example is the 5.5kt vivid blue-green diamond called The Ocean Dream, with an estimated value of $9.5 million. Other interesting jewels are the 76.51kt pink diamond set as a necklace and expected to be sold for about $10 million, or a 75.97kt flawless colorless diamond valued at $15.5 million. However, neither comes even close to what The Blue is worth – $25 million!


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