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World’s first Electric Jet Body Board Kymera gives water new meanings

By Brian Pho


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The world is getting greener by the day and many sports brands are looking forward to implementing this principle into their businesses. So, here we have the jet body board Kymera, the first one of its kind.

Apart from the friendliness to the environment, this board is in fact quite small in size, so it can fit in practically any vehicle and is at the same time portable by hand, due to its lightness. In addition, the design brings further advantages, like the small cost. It weighs just 48 lbs and boasts an electric motor which is powered by a lithium polymer battery. This allows for up to 60 minutes of fun at speeds of around 30 mph.

This Kickstarter project was in fact designed for personal recreational purposes by California-based designer Jason Woods. In a rather interesting manner the board has drawn the attention of lifeguards and all sorts of rescue teams. The reasons for this are related to costs and efficiency. Therefore, it doesn’t only provide common individuals with lots of fun and outdoor recreation, but also helps save lives and ensures safety.

The Kymera boasts an extremely durable roto-molded hull and a swappable 1000 Wh Lithium Polymer battery. The heads up riding position provides the user with complete comfort, while the extremely efficient drivetrain makes it nature friendly.


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