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The Antoine Martin Slow Runner timepiece

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Martin Braun had founded this exquisite timepieces manufacturing brand, the Antoine Martin, as an independent business, combining top craftsmanship, good looks, incredible accuracy and his expertise in this fine field. In fact, Martin Braun boasts with more than three decades of watchmaking expertise, having shed a new, refreshing veil of light upon the respective domain. Now, the brand has come up with what they call the slowest and largest balance in the world.

The innovative figure, Mr. Braun, is responsible for this exquisite piece – a superb wristwatch that ticks at the lowest possible frequency for such gadgetry. It was reportedly named the Slow Runner and measures 42 mm in diameter. The so called slowest watch in the world works at just 7,200 beats per hour while the balance measures nearly as much as the watch itself – 24 mm. For the beginners in the field, the frequency of this timepiece, 7,200/2 oscillations per hour, equals 1 Hertz – this means the second hand takes two steps during one second. It has also been equipped with power reserve of more than 4 days.

The front of the watch has been imprinted with the words “7,200 beats per hour” while the left side of the dial boasts the “one hertz” collocation, alongside a large seconds subdial. Enthusiasts of watchmaking industry are able to check this superb piece out the one of the world’s most important watch exhibitions – the Baselworld, on the 25th of April.


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