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The magnificent Airbus ACJ319

By Brian Pho


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Boasting large bank accounts doesn’t at all cope with the conventional, so any chance of exclusivity is carefully checked out. This is the case for travelling – it’s quite an odd thing to see a billionaire travel from point A to point B with regular class flights and it’s now a bit strange to see them travel even with the business class. For such people, Airbus comes with a solution – their brand new private jet Airbus ACJ319.

A luxurious breed, this plane is a business class jet fitted with a residence-like space and top notch office, currently being operated by VVIP charter brand Comlux. Furthermore, in order to provide travelers with a high degree of comfort, the aircraft also comprises lounge areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and all sorts of work spaces throughout. The main lounge, for example, boasts with seats and couches that are upholstered in cream leather alongside gorgeous soft pile beige carpeting. This gorgeous décor is completed by wood grain polished tables, a huge dining table, a massive wall-mounted flat TV and small lamps adorned with red roses.

The private bedroom on the other hand boasts a double bed consisting of scrumptious quilt, an additional wall-mounted television and a sofa for three. This room also encompasses a private study for the business work the owner has to carry on. A large shower and sparkling gold taps garnish the bathroom, which is quite exquisite in its own way. Don’t think for one second that these settings are default and fix. The owner is able to convert everything, everywhere inside the Airbus ACJ319 according to his tastes.

An interesting characteristic of this Airbus is the fact that the ACJ319 is one of the largest private jets one can find on the market, with a cabin height that reaches 2.25 meters and 3.7 meters in width. No wonder it aims towards corporations, governments or billionaires. Above all, it is currently open for checkups at the Avalon Air Show this week, in Australia. The price is quite astounding though, but it deserves it – a mind-boggling $87 million.

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