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The exclusive One&Only Palmilla resort in Mexico

By Adrian Prisca


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The One&Only Palmilla resort, part of One&Only Resorts and Kerzner International Resorts, is situated in Los Cabos, near San José del Cabo. The location of the resorts was carefully picked to serves as base to a luxury Mexican playground, at the end of Baja Peninsula. Here, the warm, azure waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the Pacific Ocean, granting pretty extraordinary panoramas. The resort itself is pretty easy to reach, via the Transpeninsular Highway, heading south.

During the 1950s, this stunning place used to entice many Hollywood celebrities, and its charm hasn’t faded ever since. Names like Desi Arnaz, John Wayne and Clark Gable used to frequent this secluded spot, proving once again it’s quite a nice place to visit. It was originally opened to serve as a luxurious getaway to worldwide representatives of the elite, boasting a total of 15 rooms. It was back in the 1950s when the One&Only Palmilla was officially completed, by playboy and aviator Abelardo Luis Rodriguez, son of the president of Mexico.

Now upgraded to comprise a total of 174 rooms and suites, it has become the perfect entertainment destination for families and couples, as both the wings of the resort focus on different lifestyles – one is a silent, peaceful and private, while the other sports a pool exclusive to adults.

In fact, the resort invites you on exhilarating aquatic adventures like deep-sea game fishing, fir for both novices and professionals. The area is also perfect for scuba diving or snorkeling, providing visibility more than 100 feet ahead or downwards, inside an environment dominated by coral reefs. Above water, the resort boasts a 27-hole golf course which was personally designed by the acclaimed Jack Nicklaus, also a spot where people can enjoy the gorgeous Sea of Cortez.

Nightly rates at One&Only Palmilla start at $405 and depend on the services guests request. Overall, this is one of the nicest places on the Planet one can reach during their spare time.


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