Wonderful Beach Cottage in Amagansett, New York

Situated in Amagansett, New York, this gorgeous beach cottage boasts a great design by Roger Marvel Architects and superb views over the Atlantic Ocean. The project was all about renovation and enlarging an already built structure with views over the Atlantic, some of the new features being added for comfort and luxury.

The residence sports a Jacuzzi, kitchen, swimming pool, second floor bedroom, terrace and trellis. The architects describe it as a new, restructured original oceanfront beach cottage featuring similar materials to its first construction, while particular profiles create a contextual residence.

They added that “this property includes a large sand dune that protects the project from strong winds and public beach activity alike. The Landscaping has been accomplished with native materials and maintained with erosion control methods including long wooden beach palates and boardwalks used to traverse the dune to the beach and guest house.”

We personally find the site a bit odd, but interesting at the same time. Very rarely you see a house hovering on top of another – the architects used both boldness and accuracy to accomplish this system. Check out the photos and bask in the elegance of this residence. Isn’t it gorgeous?