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WoKart – The Water Go Kart

Breaking-waves redone

Here’s a fun little toy for those who like speed, water and the rush of adrenaline. This is the Wokart, an asymmetric catamaran designed by Dr. Theo Christen that’s ready to go out there and make waves.

The Wokart has went through some serious testing the last four years, and now it has been finally deemed ready for the market. The idea has been to create something with the speed and handling of a go-kart, but can actually float on water. What they got was the Wokart.

Its powerful 70 horse-power motor and lightweight frame ensure this watercraft can reach speeds of up to 46mph, and it’s so incredibly agile that it can actually make 90 degree turns at that speed. Its design also makes it extremely stable and safe.

The manufacturers claim that throughout the entire testing and development phase they have never managed to flip a Wokart. With a price tag of $28, 000, the Wokart has been available for sale since January 2014.




  1. Beau L DuBois March 15, 2019

    Where can you purchase a workaround in the United States?

  2. Alharbi January 20, 2020

    Good day
    How can i buy two ?


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