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Vulcan Innova Turns Engine Blocks Into Magical Watch Winders

By Victor Baker


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Vulcan Innova

If this is the first time you’ve heard about the Los Angeles-based firm Vulcan Innova, don’t worry, you’re probably not alone; but after today things will most likely change in that regard. This rising company has revealed a brand new watch winder, set to start off at a cool $25,000, and meant to make petrolheads and watch aficionados from all over the world extremely excited.

With vivid imagination and enthusiasm, they’ve managed to turn a BMW M52 engine block into a ravishing watch winder, fitted with individual high-grade stepper motors. As you can see from these photos, each watch will be mounted inside a slightly modified piston, that will also act as its viewing module.

The pistons will be locked into position until a security key is engaged for its removal, ensuring no outside influences will ruin your day or precious watch.

Vulcan Innova

Vulcan Innova has already announced that they will produce this stunning watch winder in a limited run of just 52 pieces, each of the units being hand-assembled in Los Angeles according to customer specification. A variety of finishes will be available for both the engine block, and each individual piston, including bespoke leathers and a wide range of colors or LED indicator colors.

The Los Angeles-based company will also be offering customizable floor stands for this watch winder, at an additional cost. Delivery times are expected to be between four and six weeks, depending the finishes you might want to choose. It’s worth the way, wouldn’t you agree?

Vulcan Innova

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