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Torqeedo Deep Blue Puts BMW i3’s Battery To Good Use

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Torqeedo Deep Blue

Electricity and water don’t go too well together and I might have some fun stories to tell about this, but we’ll save them for another time. Right now, we should focus on a new interesting partnership, between BMW and Torqeedo, Germany’s premier builder of electric and hybrid boats, who teamed up to surprise us all with a very special vessel.

Called the Torqeedo Deep Blue, this new project actually benefits from the lithium-ion battery pack fitted on the BMW i3 vehicle. But since the i3’s battery pack was designed with a plug-and-play capability, it could be easily moved from your car right onto this boat by simply mounting it at the rear of the boat.

After you make all the necessary connections, the magic happens, and you can enjoy a silent cruise with this boat anywhere you might want.

Torqeedo Deep Blue

Torqeedo CEO, Christoph Ballin, stated that the BMW i high-voltage batteries are extremely reliable and also impressive enough to get them interested in using them far from shore. That’s how state-of-the-art electric propulsion technology and integrated energy management will deliver sea-loving men and women new and improved ways of enjoying relaxing cruises aboard their favorite vessels.

According to BMW, this is merely just another example in a wide variety of applications that prove the sustainability of electric power in the years to come. Other uses include using the battery pack for backup power in residential and commercial buildings, storing clean energy created from renewable sources and many more – but even Tesla didn’t try to use its battery pack or powerwall to power up a boat.

Torqeedo Deep Blue

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