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A Visitor From the Space Age – nanoFLOWCELL Quant e-Superlimousine

By Brody Patterson


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One of the most interesting concept cars being featured at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is undoubtedly the nanoFLOWCELL Quant e-Superlimousine. The company’s founder, Nunzio La Vecchia, had partnered with Danish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg in 2009 for the original Quant, and is now collaborating with German company Bosch for this latest project.

While we won’t go into details regarding the way the technology works (we’ll let the engineers think about how “an extremely high concentration of ionic charge carriers in the cell system’s electrolyte” increases energy storage capacity), what the manufacturer is basically saying is that the car uses flow cell batteries and salt water to power four motors which add up to an amazing 912hp.

The vehicle’s design demands attention, with its “crystal lake blue” and copper paintjob and gull-wing doors, while the interior is equally modern, featuring premium leather upholstery, ash wood trim, cooper accents, as well as a full-length center console and a massive 1.25 m wide and 16 cm tall display.

While nobody can be sure if the nanoFLOWCELL Quant is ever going to go into production, it is good to see research being done into alternative, hi-tech power sources. It’s certainly something we should keep an out for in the future.


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