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New 2014 Models from HYT, “The Hydro Mechanical Horologists”

The people behind HYT, “the hydro mechanical horologists”, are revealing a number of new variations of their established H1 and H2 model at Baselword 2014. The luxury brand is famous for its amazing fluid-powered watch movements, making its watches not only stylish and classy, but also exceptional froma technical point of view. The H1 and H2 collections have been expanded, with a variety of new colors (red, blue) and case materials (Titanium, aluminium alloy, titanium-bronze etc.) now being available.

The H1 was HYT’s first timepiece, launched a few years ago, with a Caliber made by Chronode. The company’s second creation, the H2, was redesigned by AP Renaud & Papi, and also brought about a significant price bump (from around $60,000 to $160,000).

Now, the H1 collection sees the addition of two 50-piece limited editions: the $60,000 H1 Alumen Blue, with a blue anodized aluminium alloy case and the original fluorescent green fluid indicator, and $65,000 red fluid hour display watch with a titanium case with the bezel and lugs in red gold. The H2 collection, on the other hand, boasts three new models: the blue H2 “Iceberg” and the black DLC+pink gold model are limited to 20 pieces each and are priced at around $160,000, while the $190,000 red with platinum bezel model is limited to 15 pieces.


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