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Vilner Presents the beautiful Aprilia Stingray

By Adrian Prisca


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It’s hard to believe that an experienced interior refining specialist like Vilner is actually venturing into the world of two-wheelers. Yet, the guys behind the Bulgarian tuning shop do it quite well, as proven by this one off project – a full customization of the Aprilia Tuono – dubbed as the Stingray.

The guys have managed to execute a series of changes like the introduction of a brand new front fender, turning signals with LED units, brand new side spoilers with two vents for each side, tinted rear lights, a redesigned fuel tank and revamped headlights.

The seat has also been reupholstered by the Bulgarians, while part of the bike’s frame was elegantly dyed in black. The license plate holder has been repositioned, the fork and driving chain were extended, by 150 mm (around 5.9 inches), while the wheels were elegantly re-sprayed.

The maximum output of the Aprilia was also increased, by 10 percent, thanks to a series of performance upgrades and tweaks executed by Vilner.


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