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Vertu’s New Signature Handset is Powered by Linux

By Victor Baker


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Vertu Signature Linux

Luxury phone maker Vertu hasn’t been floating on a puffy cloud of incoming revenue these days, but things might take another turn in the near future. You see, last month the renowned British brand has changed hands for a third time, as Turkish businessman Hakan Uzan has apparently paid £50m for the entire company, so it’s definitely time for a fresh start.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise Vertu has already decided to revamp its product line, and the first handset to get a make-over is the company’s famous Vertu Signature, which received a few interesting and surprising updates.

Vertu Signature Linux

The most significant change is the different software platform. Yes, the new Vertu Signature features a Linux-based OS, which might get some tech enthusiasts really excited, although we don’t have much info about it right now. Aside from that, this luxurious device supports Wi-Fi and 3G packing a 2″ LCD-screen, plus 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space.

Not as impressive as many smartphones out there, but this precious little phone gives you a back-to-the-basics feel. Each Signature handset has been hand-assembled at the factory in England and boasts an engraved signature of the maker. Don’t go thinking this is an affordable smartphone, now that Linux is involved.

Vertu Signature Linux

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