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Vertu Released New Limited Edition Constellation Gemstone Collection

By Brody Patterson


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There’s only so much power and so many functions you can squeeze into a mobile phone, so you have to get the attention of customers with deep pockets in other ways. This is where companies like Vertu and Savelli come in – the latter, for instance, is a Swiss company specializing in luxury devices that has recently released the Gemfields emerald encrusted Android smartphone. But for now, Vertu is definitely the leader when it comes to high-end smartphones and in order to solidify that position, it has also launched two limited edition models from the Constellation series called the Constellation Gemstone edition.

The handsets released under the name are the Liquorice Sapphire and Rose Ruby, both stunning pieces encrusted with precious stones. No fewer than 80 sapphires or rubies have been individually set into the grade 5 titanium case, which also features matching color semi-gloss calfskin leather used exclusively for this limited edition.

Only 320 devices of each color will be released as part of this exclusive collection, with the devices being priced at $10,150.


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