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Ultra2 is a Hybrid Superyacht Concept That Comes with its own Safe Room

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T. Fotiadis, a pretty well known yacht design firm from Berlin, has just unveiled its newest project, an extraordinary superyacht concept called Ultra2. Showing off clean and bold exterior lines, this 95-meter hybrid yacht looks ridiculously cool and promises to be both sustainable and versatile enough to take its passengers to some of the world’s most remote destinations.

The yacht was designed with oversized window panels to allow plenty of natural light to make its way inside, while also offering magical views of the surroundings and merging the interior with the outdoor elements.

T. Fotiadis Ultra2 2

Speaking of the interiors, the Ultra2 features several bespoke living areas, that revolve around a unique, safe “core” room. This is basically a central suite, that has been envisioned as a contemporary, diplomatic-grade secure meeting environment, which is a sophisticated way of saying that this socializing area is not for your usual chit chat. 

T. Fotiadis Ultra2 3

Privacy and security were of the utmost importance for this yacht’s designers and it seems that the construction process is going to be supported by military standard counter-intelligence protocol and crew training. How’s that for a powerful statement?

T. Fotiadis decided that the superyacht would feature an all-electric Azipod propulsion system, with hybrid diesel-electric motors that would take care of cruising efforts. Methanol fuel cells are also there to help, and their purpose is to keep the puffer batteries charged during port operations and low-speed cruising.

T. Fotiadis Ultra2 7

In the end, this spectacular yacht concept may brag about an environmentally-friendly power solution that will significantly reduce the vessel’s thermal and acoustic impact – meaning less pollution and noise – while also keeping service and maintenance fees to a minimum, which in turn means reduced operating costs as well.

T. Fotiadis Ultra2 8

We know the Ultra2 is still a concept right now, but if you’ve ever wanted to see the entire world with your own yacht, this might be the best way to do it. An explorer yacht like no other, that combines hybrid technologies with extreme safety and a stunning design.

T. Fotiadis Ultra2 9

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