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TOPCAR unveils the Porsche 991 GTR Carbon Edition

Porsche 991 GTR Carbon Edition

Aftermarket specialist TOPCAR is back in our minds with a bang – a really dark one! Following their awesome Stinger GTR package for the Porsche 991 (which included modified bumpers, wider fenders and aerodynamic side skirts), they’ve added even more carbon fiber to the 911, replacing over 90% of its standard body panels with 24 brand new components made from carbon fiber.

The Stinger GTR body kit was priced at €49,080 and this carbon fiber version of their aggressive kit costs €15,000, so it’s around €64,000, not including the installation fees will also set you back another €10,000. That’s pretty expensive for an aftermarket job, right?

Porsche 991 GTR Carbon Edition

This particularly exciting vehicle is based on a Porsche 991 Turbo S, which usually starts off at €197,000, but this ride features even more upgrades than just the wicked carbon fiber body kit. If you take a closer look at the car you will notice the striking ADV.1 alloys and also the flashy interior cabin, somewhat of a signature move by this tuner.

This Porsche 991 GTR Carbon Edition received a wonderful mix of gold accents and carbon touches inside, combined with Nappa leather. When all is over and done, Topcar will ask €290,000 for this carbon fiber beauty.

Porsche 991 GTR Carbon Edition


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