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Tom Ford’s Gold Plated Sunglasses Arrive Just In Time For Summer

By Victor Baker


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Tom Ford's Gold Plated Sunglasses

The renowned high-fashion designer Tom Ford deserves our full and undivided attention, and possibly our hard-earned cash as well, every time his brand comes up with a new, awesome way of making our lives a little bit better. And this time, Tom Ford has managed to surprise us once again, with a new special edition release – an extravagant pair of sunglasses dipped in rose gold.

But before we get into any details, I think we can all agree that these sunglasses from Tom Ford boast one of the most stylish frames on the market right now. Of course, they got even better with this special, golden edition, featuring a soft round shape, alongside a plated rose gold logo in relief.

The Italian-made frames were crafted from a charming plated rose gold, that’s beautifully complemented by the green tinted lenses.

Tom Ford's Gold Plated Sunglasses

One of the most appreciated fashion designers nowadays, Tom Ford has gained fame as the creative director at Gucci and and Yves Saint Laurent, before launching his own label, which took the fashion industry by storm back in 2006. His brand’s latest offering – the Tom Ford Gold Plated Sunglasses –  offer 1005 UV protection, as per usual.

Priced at $1,950 a pair, these golden sunglasses are just another example of the brand’s iconic style and signature design. To be perfectly honest, we’re already imagining ourselves wearing a pair of these sunglasses and we think we’d look pretty stylish with them. The same goes for everyone else, we reckon.

Tom Ford's Gold Plated Sunglasses

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