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Tiffany & Co and Lady Gaga Take us on a Wild Ride

By Victor Baker


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Tiffany & Co And Lady Gaga

Tiffany & Co. has recently unveiled its first new jewelry collection in almost two years, a gorgeous line inspired by the urban soul of the city, that was simply named Tiffany HardWear. Set to put out a unique vibe that reminds us of the power and spirit of New York City and its vivid streets, this collection was based on a lovely unisex bracelet from 1971, that was modernized and refreshed for today’s aesthetics and trends.

The metal-intensive pieces aim to capture the industrialism of the city, with signature gauge links reflecting the clean and simple shapes of utilitarian hardware. There are several interesting designs in this new collection, but our favorite has to be the eye catching 18k chain necklace, which features graduated links that shift in scale and a chic clasp that’s barely noticeable.

Tiffany & Co And Lady Gaga

The right person to promote Tiffany HardWear? Lady Gaga! As a true New Yorker and a style icon who’s fiercely feminine and has a strong presence all the time, the renowned signer represents all the qualities and attributes which this new collection embodies, especially exclusivity and a unique attitude.

Oddly enough, the bold character that is Lady Gaga’s on-stage persona is not here to shock as all, as the artist has decided to go with the flow and impress us with a minimalist attitude, and a calm and elegant look that’s just perfect for the jewelry brand. The clip below should help you get in the proper mood to buy one of these gorgeous pieces.


Tiffany & Co And Lady Gaga

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