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This Stunning Brooklyn Home Will Make You Think of The Godfather

By Victor Baker


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Three years ago, this spectacular Brooklyn mansion was looking for a new owner, one who was willing to pay up $30 million dollars for the bragging rights. In the meantime, the market has shifted in such a manner that the very same and still stunning property is now listed for sale at just $12.5 million – quite the bargain, wouldn’t you agree?

Wondering why this spectacular home has been dropping in price this much? Well, some people might get a bit worried about the fact that the main house was built by John Rosatti, a multi-millionaire who apparently has mob connections to the Colombo crime family, who sold it to Galina Anisimova, a. k. a. the mother of the “Russian Paris Hilton”.

Leaving all of that behind, this lavish 10-bedroom property shows off a mesmerizing interior, classy and super sophisticated, something that you probably expected, right? The image of loads of cash, cigars and fluffy dogs comes to mind, but all of that suddenly doesn’t seem too important once you get a glimpse of this beautiful mansion.

Inside, you’ll find a majestic staircase, with sky-high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to bathe this home in natural light and many other impressive features. Sure, we could talk about the medication room, or the amazing master bedroom, but we guess most of us will focus on the 1,000 square-feet pool and 30,000 square feet of gardens – do not even imagine what could have happened there. Decisions, decisions!

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