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This Mercedes Viano Is A Luxurious Lounge on Wheels

By Adrian Prisca


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Mercedes Viano conversion

Who needs an S-Class? If you don’t want to be seen in luxurious cars that attract too much attention, but at the same time you don’t want to give up all the luxuries that come with such vehicles, you could always go for one of the world’s most incredible vans, fully customized by the British company Carisma Auto Design.

The UK-based aftermarket firm specializes in designing bespoke interiors for all kinds of vehicles, converting them into a luxurious, yet discreet means of transportation, which is perfect for renowned people or government and business officials, who just want to be driven to their destination unobserved, in a wonderful environment.

Carisma’s signature and most popular conversion is based on the Mercedes Viano or V-Class, a car that’s as discreet as possible, while offering a generous interior space to accommodate 2, 3, 4 or even 5 passengers, with unlimited opportunities for customization.

Mercedes Viano conversion

From their beautiful Mercedes van conversions, we were totally mesmerized by this particular project, designed for a wealthy customer in Dubai. The extra long Mercedes Viano features Carima’s latest luxury captain seats, with diamond stitched seat backs and buttons, and internal side panels wrapped in premium leather hide with a diamond-stitched design as well.

But this is just one awesome example. Carisma can also offer you all kinds of Premium European leathers and the ability to choose from over 400 colors, grains and textures, plus more than 50 exotic wood veneers, for the interior of this luxurious van, so the possibilities are really endless.

And what’s even more impressive than all these luxurious styling upgrades are the In Car Entertainment upgrades, which really transform this vehicle into a breathtaking lounge on wheels.

Mercedes Viano conversion

This particular project has a sound-proofed rear cabin, fitted with a massive 40″ Smart TV, iPod connections, front and rear facing cameras, an upgraded AC system to come with extreme heat, intercom and an integrated fridge-freezer with crystal glass cabinet.

Carisma Auto could also install a high fidelity audio system in your car with Bang & Olufsen speakers and an amplified sub-woofer, in case you want to start a party on the road, and depending on the seat configuration, they could fit either 40″ smart TVs (as you can see in this project) or two 19″ LED screens.

Optional extras include Playstation ox Xbox integration, In-car WiFi, On-Board PC or Apple MAC Mini server, an iPad control screen and many other goodies. You just need a Mercedes Viano and you’re good to go.

Mercedes Viano conversion

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