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This Charming Medieval Castle from Siena Could be Yours for €35M

By Victor Baker


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Siena Castle

The extraordinary Italian property in front of you, a charming medieval castle that’s joined by two incredible villas, hunting grounds, wine growers and gardens, is not something that your average Joe could probably afford to purchase. With 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms on offer, this place seems like it came straight out of fairy tales, and it’s ready to offer anyone who can afford to pay the cool $35 million price-tag a chance to live like good old royalties.

Built back in 1135, the medieval castle dominates this place from the top of granitic rocks, surrounded by a lush garden of roses and medicinal plants, with incredible views and natural beauties being part of the offering as well. The entire property actually covers a total area of 2,000 hectares, with two farm houses being beautifully converted into two luxurious villas with the help of an award-winning architectural studio.

Siena Castle

Accessible via kilometers of Mediterranean scrub and woods from which you can get a quick glance of the animals from the reserve, every inch of this amazing property near Siena is absolutely stunning. Vineyards and small clearings are close by, as well as turkey oak, holm oak and fir woods, so there’s no reason to believe the next owners will ever get bored – especially since the castle is in need of some TLC.

The dense native population of boar and deer make this property perfect for those of you who love hunting, with a fenced area of approximately 180 hectares that can be used for both blind hunting and driven hunting. We’re sure you’d love to catch some respectable trophies, but this property in itself is the real trophy.

Siena Castle


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