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This $7,900,000 Oslo Estate Would Be An Exquisite Home

By Victor Baker


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Oslo estate

This is probably the first time we’re featuring a luxurious home from Norway on Luxatic and it’s a beauty! Located on a small island, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge, this amazing property can be found in Oslo, with a charming brick mansion that could be your next home.

Offering privacy and 690 m2 / 7,427 Sq Ft of living area, as well as easy access to everything needed to survive, enjoy life or travel, this luxury estate boasts incredible panoramic views and a wonderfully secluded location facing the waterfront, with a private beach and delightful living conditions.

Designed by the renowned Norwegian architect Find Sandmel, this impressive house has 3 levels to talk about, each one boasting with appeal and interesting decor, such as custom furniture and details from the houses of Versace and Fendi, painted profiled moldings, wide oiled oak flooring and custom made doors and windows with merbau frames.

The home’s fully equipped kitchen is actually a classic white-painted kitchen from Sie Matic, with solid granite worktops and Miele tools and featuring an opening to a private outdoor terrace.

Oslo estate

Future owners of this property will be enjoying a gorgeous large hall on the ground floor, with a fully equipped bar, fireplace and seating areas, plus a stunning indoors pool and fitness room. The small island where this lavish estate is located is also home to soccer and ice rinks, several tennis courts and the recently opened Nesøya Sportsclub, so if you’re the active type, you will surely appreciate all of this.

There’s also a spacious garage for 4 cars on this luxurious property in Oslo, just waiting for your prized automotive possessions and you know what? In the wall between the garage and large hall there’s a hidden opening which allows you to display your favorite sportscar. But is this all worth $ 7,900,000? You decide.

Oslo estate


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