There’s A Reason Martell Treasure Their Hidden Gems

This might just be the most exquisite and desirable cognac bottle ever. The renowned house of Martell, located right in Cognac, France, is the place where an exceptionally old and precious eaux-de-vie has been waiting to touch someone’s lips and life.

Placed as jewels in a restored authentic and high-end impenetrable piece of art, the Martell safe was meant to protect some of the most incredible aromas dating back from 1875 and 1898.

The exquisite cognac blend comes in a breathtaking 70cl Baccarat crystal decanter, designed exclusively for the Martell House. This historical decanter has been used for the very first time in 1954 for the Martell Cordon Bleu which was offered to the Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1957 and to Emperor Hirohito back in 1971.

The handcrafted safe, on the other hand, has been conceived with a combination of outstanding aesthetics and modern functionalities. Please note that only one bottle of ‘Martell hidden gems’ is available in the world, with a price that wasn’t disclosed yet.