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The Zarooq Sand Racer Will Cost You $100,000

By Victor Baker


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Zarooq Sand Racer

The wicked Zarooq Sand Racer may remind us of our childhood, and Hot Wheels toys, but it is as real as it can be. Showing off real life performance, incredible off-road capabilities and a surprisingly comfortable ride, this amazing vehicle is truly desirable.

Sure, this four wheeled beast wasn’t designed for everyday use or going shopping through Beverly Hills, but it will get you smiling while tackling sand dunes. Zarooq, the UAE-based company that built this vehicle, revealed that the Sand Racer is set to launch January 2016, having already completed the chassis, the engine and wiring.

Zarooq Sand Racer

Don’t you worry, since this off-roader will be road-legal, coming even with AC, as well as carbon fiber interior and exterior. The Sand Racer will also feature a high-tech infotainment system, comfort seats, a spare wheel, car cover, LED lights, as well as useful things like cupholders, a glove box and so on.

Supposedly, the driver will be enjoying 400 HP or 500 HP, as well as dynamic off-road suspension, a high capacity reservoir, performance gearbox, off-road wheels and tires, performance brakes, a powerful exhaust system and a special FIA pack.

We’re not gonna speculate on numbers and performance, but we will agree that this project looks interesting enough to wait for its official launch.

Zarooq Sand Racer

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