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The world’s only turbine-powered Batmobile

By Adrian Prisca


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A man by the name of Casey Putsch wanted to make his own Batmobile and assembled what he says to be the world’s only turbine-powered Batmobile in the world.  Under the hood of this four wheels monster sits a Boeing turboshaft engine taken from a naval drone helicopter that’s able to produce around 385hp, really good for a “car” weighting 2,800 pounds.

The car also received high performance disc brakes, a 4 speed automatic transmission, an independent cockpit adjustable suspension and its owner even strapped an Apple iPad into the center stack of his superhero car, which acts as his avionics system and also supplies GPS information.

The car also has infra-red and visible light spectrum reverse cameras, satellite internet and many other functions that can be monitored with the display monitor in the cockpit.  The batmobile looks just as menacing as the ones from old Batman movies and its sound could make any of us shiver.

This turbine-powered Batmobile surely isn’t for sale but it’s an example that if you really want to have a unique car to stand out of the pack and you can afford to modify one, you could even make your own superhero car.


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