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The wonderful W Retreat Koh Samui resort in Thailand

By Adrian Prisca


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Are you looking for a way to detach yourself from day-to-day life? You should check the Koh Samui Island – it’s ready to offer you a superb Thai experience, with beautiful world-class white sand beaches, an enjoyable nightlife and, of course, one of the best weather in the world. The Koh Samui is one of W’s best resorts.

Does the word “Thaimazcal” ring any bell? The first Thaimazcal treatment facility – some sort of treatment that uses local Thai herbs and a Mexican tribal ritual of rebirth – in Asia is built here; in addition to the Tonic Juice Bar and the private 576 sq meter Spa that goes both indoor and outdoor, comprising a modern design and offering a unique relaxing experience.

The island provides one of the greatest panoramas in the world, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. The resort is positioned to the north of the island; beachfront located, it comprises a total of 75 luxurious villas waiting to satisfy every adventurer’s needs.

The nature of the resort is a truly nocturnal one, allowing each guest to slip out of their body and experience a world previously unknown to them, merging with the great, energetic atmosphere. One can call the location a true modern paradise, through its setting, atmosphere and luxury.

There’s a long list of activities available within the resort, and the available amenities can satisfy every need. The renowned Thai spirit houses a new level of indulgence; one may enjoy an expensive bottle of champagne on the empty sandy beach or making excursions throughout the island.

Many couples decide to have their weddings done here, as an example of how many this resort has to offer. The cost suits the offer, and it is way worth it – £425 / room /night.


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  1. I’m reading this page from beautiful Koh Samui, been relaxing on the beach with my laptop browsing the net. Can’t believe how hot it’s been, the weather is fantastic and the sunset as I look out to the horizon is awesome. I heard it’s freezing back home.

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