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The Urwerk EMC Pistol Offers the Most Precise Measurement Possible

By Victor Baker


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Urwerk EMC Pistol

Urwerk’s latest project is a special-edition timepiece that shows off nothing but the best of the brand’s amazing EMC collection. Called the Urwerk EMC Pistol, this gorgeous watch was meant to shock and awe people, boasting exquisite crocodile leather, intricate case engravings and, of course, the ingenious mechanical workings.

Expertly crafted by five artisans from Urwerk, the finished product is nothing short of a horological masterpiece, balancing the beauty of traditional Swiss mechanics and modern technology in an outrageous manner.

Urwerk EMC Pistol

Outfitted with four separate dials – one to measure precision, one for the running seconds, another one for displaying the hours and minutes, and a final hand to show an 80-hour power reserve indicator – the Urwerk EMC Pistol’s inner mechanics represent a bold mix of traditional pieces and a custom-made electronic device.

According to the manufacturer, the Pistol is a mechanical watch fitted with a hand-cranked electric generator, a capacitor and a system that monitors its rate.

Miniaturizing the components and maximizing the space was a challenge, but I think we could all agree that the talented team behind the brand managed to handle the job in a more than successful way.

Urwerk EMC Pistol

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