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The TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Lady Yin Yang Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Eastern-Oriental culture is famous all over the planet for its one-of-a-kind traditions, symbols and history. The Yin Yang symbol is one of the most commonly known representations, now being drawn on a vast array of items, even serving as coat of arms. TAG Heuer thought it would be a good idea to craft a timepiece based on the respective logo, thus presenting the Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang.

The watch boasts ceramic materials, gold and haute joaillerie, showing the Yin-Yang symbol in a quite unique and stunning way. The 18-carat white gold dial is crafted to resemble the sign using round brilliant diamonds – the Yang is made of white diamonds, while the Yin features black ones.

All of these are placed within a 32 mm case decked with sparkling baguette-cut diamonds, both on the bracelet and bezel – a premiere for TAG Heuer. At the 12 o’clock position, the precious baguette stones compose a superb TAG Heuer shield.

The process of placing the diamonds within the watch was quite intricate, each of them needing hand-crafting and sizing in order to perfectly fit into the desired position. Breakage needs to be avoided as well, thus the 234 baguette diamonds and 245 brilliant-cut ones needing extreme attention during the placement process.

In total, the watch boasts 136 grams of top quality white gold, 234 baguette-cut diamonds and 245 brilliant-cut diamonds, totally 7.36 tcw. We don’t even dare to think about its price.


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