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The superb Amor Fati sailing yacht

By Brian Pho


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Now here’s what I call a grand design, the perfect thing to bring back the designs of the 90s. This exquisite cruiser we got here is a Christopher Seymour-designed superyacht which got dubbed the Amor Fati.

The vessel superbly mixes ancient styles with contemporary ideas, reminding of the charm of the 90s era America Cup ships. It is sleek, it is slim, it is fast and spectacular, yet it measures a full 44 meters from bow to stern. And furthermore, it will brag about its looks at the upcoming Palm Beach show. What’s more interesting about this design is the way the bow rises permanently above the waterline, while the stern follows, appearing to be elevated, hanged by something invisible. Staggering!

The helm of this magnificent beauty is uniquely done from the rear section, where the stewardship is done as well. Furthermore, beside the stand of the pilot we can admire the gorgeous main seating area with 3 lavish sofas, each of them boasting multiple passenger capacity. In fact, the area is superbly placed just ahead of the rear end of the deck, in order for the passengers to be able to easily access the water sports onboard facilities, swimming, snorkeling and tender speed boating alongside the Amor Fati. All of the access is provided through a set of stairs which leads down towards the custom-ordered deck/swim platform.

Heading inside the magnificent contraption we’ll find a huge array of luxury amenities and a gorgeous lounge and bar area reachable via a small set of stairs from the exterior sitting deck. Part of the cabin space features sunroof, providing large masses of natural light to those sitting quietly and privately inside. In addition, the interior space comprises a laundry room, crew quarters for up to 6 staff members and a superbly appointed owner’s suite. The private owner’s quarters features access to the front stern deck through a glass door, providing ample all-around panoramas.

Now let’s get to the propulsion system – the Amor Fati sports an on-deck sail which can speed the superyacht to as much as 18 knots, while the cruising speed is set somewhere between 10-12 knots with only the engine supporting the vessel’s movement. Having been built from lightweight vacuum resin-infused carbon fiber, this yacht tips the scales extremely fast and comes with high performance as well as facile control. It also comes with ample possibilities of customization, even though it has already been garnished with huge amounts of genuine wood on the rear deck and stern.


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