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The Suluwilo Villas on Vamizi Island, Mozambique

By Adrian Prisca


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On the Vamizi Island, in the small yet extremely beautiful Mozambique,  the South African architects from Studio COA have designed the Suluwilo Villas, a superb getaway of small villas to spend your days off. They’re spread over a surface of 2 acres and feature a design unique in every way.

The complex includes a total of four villas, each of them decked with beach access, private deck and en-suite bedrooms. Furthermore, the resort features fine similarities to the Traditional Villa, like open air bathrooms, living courtyards, solid clay elements and connecting walkways, but it stands out at the same time through the efficient use of roof space and “organicity”.

Among the inclusions, our attention was caught by hardwood decks around the salt water pool, a grandiose drawing room and a coquette dining room. The rooms, on the other hand, share breathtaking views of the sea, and impress through aeration, lavishness and modernism. An elegant touch is conferred by beautiful high quality bamboo flooring, in some villas, expressing taste and style.

To put it simply, there’s a lot you can do here. Sailing trips among the islands, relaxing spa treatments, diving and fishing are just a few of the activities you can do. Everyone can have a great time at the Suluwilo Villas, be it child or grandparent.

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