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The Stunning URWERK UR-220 All Black Arrives Just In Time

URWERK UR-220 All Black 1

Bold, yet stylish, powerful, yet refined, the latest timepiece from URWERK – the UR-220 – follows in the footsteps of the brand’s iconic UR-210. A worthy successor, to be sure, the extraordinary UR-220 is now available in a gorgeous All Black version.

The UR-210 had an automatic movement, which meant a thicker case, that was slightly on the heavy side. By comparison, the new UR-220 comes with a manually wound movement, which translates into an incredibly thin 14.8mm size.

URWERK UR-220 All Black 2

The titanium and steel case is 43.8mm wide and feels a bit heavier, and stronger, delivering a powerful vibe in this new All Black version, making sure your self-confidence levels go through the roof.

There are subtle, yet noticeable differences between the UR-220 and its earlier sibling, which makes all of the attention to detail worthwhile.

URWERK UR-220 All Black 3

The old Urwerk models featured complicated turbines, which were visible through sapphire apertures in the caseback. Meanwhile, the fresh UR-220 focuses on other details, like the striking oil change indicator. 

This indicator is meant to tell you how long the movement has been running and when it is time to refresh the oils.

When you buy this spectacular watch, the count is activated by removing a locking pin and pressing the button on the back of the watch – 39 months, and counting.

URWERK UR-220 All Black 4

URWERK’s co-founder, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner seems to believe that the oil change indicator is more than just a reminder to service your watch; it’s a counter that marks the time invested in your permanent companion on your wrist.

I guess this notion isn’t just for anyone, but true men that really put their soul into their companions, be it a supercar, a loud motorcycle, or a cool new watch from URWERK. It’s all about putting your soul into an object, thus bringing it to life.

URWERK UR-220 All Black 5

Urwerk UR-220 “Falcon Project” All Black

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