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The STRUT LaunchPort System is a great iPad Docking Station

By Adrian Prisca


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Specializing in manufacturing unique collectible jewelry, luxury automobiles accessories and wheels, STRUT, a company based in San Clemente, California, has decided to go beyond its previous specializations and to start creating pieces for the mobile computing industry. Their first result is this iPad docking stand named the STRUT LaunchPort System.

It comes with a protective case and can charge the iPad through a wireless system. It is also suitable for in-car usage, as it is crafted at such an angle that it allows for a wide variety of uses. Being crafted from stainless steel and triple coated chrome, its protective case is going to be available in a number of versions, adorned with carbon fiber, leopard prints, sparkle pink or walnut burl.

The STRUT LaunchPort System is reportedly going to be displayed at the New York International Gift Fair, and it will be available for purchase worldwide later this month. The docking station will bear a price tag of $1,250, of which $250 is the cost of the case and $1,000 – the dock.


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