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The Seaplane Is An ICON Worth Remembering


Seaplanes have been around for almost a century now, give or take a few years, although most of us seem to have forgotten about the unique experiences that these amazing flying machines can provide. Aside from cargo transportation, these amphibious planes take care of fares for people living in remote locations nowadays, and they’re also perfect for tourist sightseeing as well.

But ICON, a privately held American aircraft maker, wants to redefine the way we look at seaplanes, unveiling a lightweight amphibious sport aircraft, called ICON A5. The company has imagined the world’s first personal seaplane, meant to make these flying machines even more fun and more accessible to the average person.


What’s even more interesting is that these planes can be actually stored in a garage or taken on road trips, on a trailer. Once unloaded from the trailer, the plane’s wings fold out and lock into position, transforming into the beautiful plane you see before you.

The cabin benefits from enough room for two people, with all the usual controls at your disposal. The ICON seaplane will reach speeds of up to 109 mph (176 km/h), once you go through the proper training; don’t you worry, the company has a training school for that.


The ICON Experience

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