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The Sarojin Beach Resort in Khao Lak, Thailand

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Deep within Phang Nga province of Thailand, you can find The Sarojin, a remarkable beach resort, at just an hour’s drive away from the International Airport of Phuket, in Khao Lak. The resort’s spa and gourmet cuisine are some of the most welcoming instances at the location.

Furthermore, 55 lavish guest residences offer state of the art accommodation for a huge number of tourists, built in complete harmony with the natural environment. Every residence boasts couples’ bath, plunge pool, relaxation pool and a sundeck. Adorned with private garden terrace entrances and endowed with easy access to secluded white beaches at the Andaman Sea, they’re worth every effort to reach this place.

Sarojin’s Ancient Ficus Tree is a legendary presence, acting as the spiritual hear of this beautiful region.  Guests can dine near its roots and trunk, basking in tradition and watching how the sunlight reflects off the gorgeous local lotus pond. More dining options are available, perhaps even more exclusive, like dining on the beach or in a candlelit ambience at the base of a local waterfall.

In case it’s lounge and relaxation that you seek, the Pathways Spa will pamper you with ancient therapies involving traditional natural substances, while the modern day amenities will ensure the best of comfort. If it’s adventure you want, go trek the surrounding national parks, via elephant. You may also do safaris on a canoe or take photos of one of the oldest primary forests in the world.

The rooms are available at rates starting from €166 per night. If this isn’t a bargain, than I surely don’t know what is. The following photos will probably make you drool.

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