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The Qii is a thin, flexible keyboard that rolls up

By Adrian Prisca


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A new addition to the world of gadgets & technology is the Qii (pronounced somewhat like “key”), a stunningly thin and flexible keyboard which rolls into a portable case that you can carry along, even inside your pocket. The size of the Qii won’t exceed the one of a coin roll, and, above all, this keyboard is simply pulled out from its case and can be placed upon virtually all sorts of surfaces.

It comes accompanied by a special app and connects to supported smart devices via Bluetooth. QWERTY-designed, it boasts a textured surface for greater adherence and easier typing, alongside anti-fingerprint coating, which can be washed easily, with water and soap. Pretty much surprising, the case itself works exactly like a touchpad.

The team behind this gorgeous bendable keyboard has been working for quite some time on developing a technique for printing programmable touch sensors upon a carbon-based nano-material which conducts electricity. Their extensive work has resulted in a transparent film which is easily programmable to detect both force and position of the finger that touches it. Adding to Qii’s resistance, its flexibility is quite a nice advantage as well. Furthermore, you can even drop water on it or even smash it with a hammer – it will hold out.

The manufacturers of the Qii are at the moment running a campaign to finalize the product and bring it to full production, courtesy of Indiegogo. They still have a lot more work to do on it, involving design work, testing, finish and getting every component to fit inside the case. Sadly though, there are just around 17 days left to raise the estimated required sum of $1.850.000. So far, the project has managed to raise just around $12,500 in contributions.

Even if the respectable sum isn’t reached in the due time, one can still donate sums of $120 or up and reserve their own Qii, in a variety of available colours. Deliveries are expected to take place around October 2013 if the Indiegogo campaign reaches its goal. Those willing to donate larger sums of cash, will reportedly be given the chance to work with the team to further develop the material and add custom functions.


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