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The Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel Brings Peace To Your Soul

By Victor Baker


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Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel

Nestled somewhere in the modern downtown of Moscow, just a short metro ride away from the Kremlin, the Petroff Palace is a real gem of Russian architecture. Built in the early 18th century, this breathtaking palace has changed its function many times throughout its history, from a magical resting place to traveling noblemen, a museum, military headquarters and an educational institution, to the lavish hotel that it is right now.

After an incredible rconstruction process, which restored this palace to its former glory, the Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel has been opened, welcoming both business and leisure travelers to another world. Behind the charming walls of this palace, you wil find high-end amenities, an elegant restaurant and a museum, a spa, and antique-style rooms, blending a classic decor with rich fabrics and luxurious wood furniture.

Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel

If you’re feeling hungry, the hotel’s stunning restaurant will impress you with a delightful mix of Russian and European cuisine, while the gorgeous spa center will prove to be the best place to relax and rejuvenate after a busy day in town, with a lovely pool, an infrared steam room and a wonderful hamam. You will find everything you might want inside the Petroff Palace, and then some.

Guests can also visit the Palace’s museum or walk around the beautiful Petrovskiy Park, that’s located just behind the hotel, and if you’d like to discover Moscow’s most amazing sights, like the Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater and of course, the Kremlin, you’re just a few minutes away from everything. One way or another, this trip will be one to remember.

Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel

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