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The Pagani Zonda 764 Passione will be the last Zonda

By Adrian Prisca


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The production of the best supercars we have ever seen, the Pagani Zonda, will, sadly, end really soon. The Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani has recently announced the last model of Zonda to ever exit the factory in Modena. The story of a beast is now at its end.

Having been manufactured for around 12 years, the Zonda has started with the C12 model. They will now end the legend with the Zonda 764 Passione. It will reportedly be finished with unpainted carbon fiber and will be decked with pinkish accessories, like a few pink elements on the engine, pink trim lines on the body and brake calipers painted in, you guessed it, pink.

The 764 Passione is based on the last Zonda series, the 760, and comes with the same 7.3-liter AMG designed and built V12 engine mounted on the 760 RS and the 760 LH, developing a whopping 760 HP.

We’ve also heard that the main reason behind this production ending is that AMG have ceased the production of the V12 engine type mounted on Pagani’s cars. I wonder if they’ve heard of Bugatti.


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