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The newest Blue Sensation watch from Grieb & Benzinger

Grieb & Benzinger have just unveiled their latest masterpiece from the Blue Sensation collection, a luxury watch based on a historic 1889 Patek Philippe for Tiffany movement. The watchmakers are well known for their delightful skeletonized and guilloche timepieces and the new Blue Sensation is really… a sensation.

The company claims it’s the only split-seconds skeletonized regulator chronograph on the market right now and it was their most time consuming project yet. Every single bridge of the watch was skeletonized and guilloched and this extraordinary timepiece features 165 grams of pure platinum.

This makes it the heaviest platinum watch on the market but there’s even more. The new Blue Sensation watch from Grieb & Benzinger has engraved wheels, blue screws and a skeletonized dial with the company’s signature Breguet frosted finish which features three overlapping subdials with 26 jewels embedded on them.

Grieb & Benzinger also announced the price of this beautiful watch and it’s definitely only a collector’s piece. It costs $264,062.



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