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The new Trinity Collection by Cartier unveiled

By Adrian Prisca


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Louis Cartier has designed The Trinity collection back in 1924, commissioned by the fabled French novelist, artist, filmmaker and poet, Jean Cocteau, who had requested a “three gold rolling ring”. The three band design has become one of the most emblematic jewels ever crafted by Cartier.

Today, a whole 88 years after it was first created, Cartier’s Trinity Collection has received a few pearl-themed designs for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The Trinity Collection, which owes its name to the three intertwined bands crafted from pink gold, the sign for love, yellow gold, for fidelity, and white gold, for friendship, now encompasses an array of freshwater pearls in superb tones of grey, violet, orange and white, alongside the gold pearl from Australia and blonde pearls from the South Seas.

One of Cartier’s descriptions of this collections says: “Rings coil inwards, bracelets form chains of purity, pendants shimmer in sheer cluster and pearls bloom into petals, forming flowers on the Trinity ring”.

It will, though, cost you a nice bit of cash in order to get yourself a piece and shine in such a bling. The Trinity pearl rings are priced at $34,000, the Trinity pearl pendant earrings cost $33,700 and the top of the line Trinity pearl necklaces cost a whopping $49,000.


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