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The new Magnum Safe from Buben & Zorweg

Size matters … just the dimensions of the new Magnum Safe from the House of Buben & Zorweg radiate a flair of utterly trustworthy security, tested and certified in accordance with the VDS I security standard. It is enthralling to see how the guys from Buben&Zorweg have incorporated innovative functionality, a fascinating design and master craftsmanship in a stylish, yet apparently down-to-earth object.

An interesting detail about the new Magnum safe is the complex door opening system. The doors seem to disappear inside the safe revealing it’s elegant and interesting interior. The interior of the safe is made of the finest materials such as handcrafted German bull’s neck leather, velour and polished Ebony Grigio.

The Magnum safe doesn’t disappoint when it comes to exquisite features such as LED lighting with fading technology, the Buben&Zorweg signature clock and hidden compartments behind the Time Mover modules. It radiates safety from every angle, just like any other safe from the house of Buben&Zorweg.



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