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The new HYT H0 Comes with Khaki Red Fluid & Black Fluid

By Vlad Craciun


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Inspired by ancient water clocks, HYT brought to the world in 2012 a different kind of watch, one that interprets the passing of time way beyond the conventional ways. Based on fluids, the display of the HYT indicates both the time that has passed and the one to come. It’s a highly technical watch with an ultra modern look.

The H0 first came up back in 2017 and this year HYT launches two new H0 models, Khaki Red Fluid and Black Fluid. The minimalistic yet imposing timepiece features a 4Hz mechanical movement developed by Chronode, with up to 65 hours of power reserve, encased in a 48.8 mm case.

Time is shown via two capillaries through which fluid is pushed, with two opposing liquids, one colored for the time that has passed and a translucent one for the time to come. The two fluids meet at a meniscus, which represents the present moment. The 6 o’clock point is the point at which the colored liquid flows back to its original position.

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The H0 Khaki and Black Fluid comes with a few upgrades from the 2017 model. The dial features newly shaped apertures and smoky gray sapphire crystals to protect the mechanisms inside, with luminous and bold Arabic numerals for hour indications. The fluid is phosphorescent, giving the watch a superb glow in the dark.

The two new HYT H0 models are available in two different colorways and materials. There’s the DLC coated steel case and a dial in dark military green with red colored fluid and sub dials for the Khaki version. The Black Fluid comes with a hint towards the stealth fighter planes, with a black DLC coated steel case, dark gray and black dial and also black fluid for the time indicator.

Both models come with color matching rubber straps. Each model will be available for $42,000.


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