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The new Bentley Eyewear uses Beta Titanium, Gold & Palladium

Bentley Eyewear

It’s spring already and those warm, sunny days are just around the corner, that’s why Bentley has decided to surprise us all with the new Bentley Eyewear collection. Thirteen new models have been released into the wild, available in a combination of 60 colors and materials, and featuring innovative, high-performance lenses, finished with state of the art coatings.

Made of a sleek material called Beta titanium and fused with 23.5-karat gold and palladium, these stunning creations combine luxury with minimalist styling in the most beautiful way possible. The seductive combination of different materials was meant to reflect the brand’s excellence in the automotive world.

Bentley Eyewear

If you don’t know this yet, Bentley Motors teamed up with luxury eyewear experts at Estede Austria since 2010 to launch its own eyewear collection, and this year this exquisite line got even better. Offering customers supreme styling and impressive craftsmanship, mixed with the latest technology, the new B-Light Titanium eyewear pieces are lightweight and on trend.

These new eyeglasses and sunglasses are hand-made in Japan using nothing but the best materials, seamlessly incorporating Bentley’s diamond knurling design and the company’s iconic B logo covered with a unique enamel coating. Skilled craftsmen and women apply technically-advanced surface treatments by hand to offer supreme clarity and incredible visual performance.

Also worth mentioning is that each pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses is individually crafted for each customer and hand-engraved with serial numbers. In the end, each set of glasses will come in a lovely custom-made package. Would you like a pair?

Bentley Eyewear


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