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The new Archi Dior Collection Is Just Too Much Beauty To Handle

By Victor Baker


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Archi Dior

Dior’s newest jewelry collection, simply called Archi Dior, was specially designed to complement natural feminine beauty, working alongside the brand’s finest couture gowns, to make sure you will attract everyone’s attention. As such, this super chic collection comprises several gold pieces that have been shaped to mimic the draping, pleating and gathering of some of the world’s most wonderful fabrics.

Archi Dior was first introduced a couple of years ago, honoring Christian Dior’s innovative approach to fashion, in general, but in time it got better and better, adding elements of architecture to the gowns and reminding everyone of the iconic status of the man behind the brand and the unique style he possessed.

Archi Dior

Victoire de Castellane managed to concentrate everything worth mentioning in the design house’s history anddisplay it beautifully with the help of this high jewelry collection. The 2016 edition of Archi Dior is now proud to show off eight new pieces, each of them inspired by key moments in the brand’s past.

Words cannot describe the beauty, craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating such a unique collection, that’s why we’re going to leave you feast your eyes on the gallery below and decide which piece you’d love to get.

Archi Dior

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