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The Mooney M240V Takes You On A Wild Ride

By Victor Baker


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Mooney M240V

We’re all talking about futuristic designs and ultimate speeds these days, but whatever happened to the good old days when people used to appreciate the experience itself rather than getting to the destination as fast as possible? Inspired by Mooney’s 85 years of legacy, this new piston-powered aircraft, dubbed as the Mooney M240V, will get a few of you daydreaming, promising speed, excellent engineering, American craftsmanship, and the opportunity to enjoy your flight like no other.

Mooney’s artisans have delivered more than 11,000 planes in the last 30 years to pilots from all over the world, and the Acclaim model has been the company’s most popular choice. This plane was turned into the Acclaim Ultra, or M240V, showing off the same classic lines and features, complemented by new technology and innovations after a complete overhaul.

Mooney M240V

Each of these charming planes will be hand-built in Texas, with Mooney making sure that ease of access, improved aerodynamic lines, and a silent cabin will get to be enjoyed by future pilots. Speaking of comforts, the interior benefits from a sporty theme, where up to four people can admire the hand-stitched Italian leather seats, an intuitive center console, a Garmin ‘G1000 NXi’ glass-panel avionics and many other goodies.

Some of you might also appreciate the fact that the Mooney M240V comes with a retractable gear, for that extra aerodynamic efficiency. A twin-turbocharged continental TSIO 550-G engine will take this plane towards 447 km/h (278 mph) over a range of 2,293 km (1,425 m). Enjoy your flight!

Mooney M240V

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