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Road-Legal McLaren P1 GTR Heading for Auction at Villa Erba

By Victor Baker


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McLaren P1 GTR

The enthralling McLaren P1 GTR before you is actually a road legal gem, that’s going to be up for the grabs on May 27th, at RM Sotheby’s special auction from Villa Erba, on the beautiful shores of Lake Como in Italy. So.. those of you with some pretty loaded bank accounts should get ready, as you may actually drive this supercar home, on public roads!

It’s true that the McLaren P1 GTR was meant to deliver some serious thrills on the track, but a few examples have been also converted for road use by Lanzante Motorsport, and this supercar is one of those rare beauties. In total, McLaren has built 58 P1 GTRs, and just 27 of them have been turned into road-legal beasts, this one being the 12th of 27.

It shows off only 360 kilometers on the clock, which means it’s almost brand new, and you might have to pay somewhere between €3.2 and €3.6 million to own this baby.

McLaren P1 GTR

Without a doubt, this McLaren P1 GTR is one of the world’s most extreme supercars. Benefiting from 986 ponies and weighing 110 pounds less than the ‘standard’ P1, this McLaren was delivered to Lanzante straight from the McLaren assembly line. The outrageous conversion for road use was valued at an extra £240,000, and the fact that McLaren gave it their ‘thumbs up’ will most definitely count when you decide to place a bid for it.

We’re sure this road-legal P1 GTR will be worth every single penny, especially when you think that there are only 26 other monsters like this one on public roads. Exclusivity has its price, right?

McLaren P1 GTR

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