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The Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Marble Phone

By Adrian Prisca


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To be honest, we’re a bit tired of phones encased in gold, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, diamonds, all sorts of precious stones, or even mobile phones based on movie themes or comic books. In fact, we need something new! And we got a lot more than we expected as a Canadian company has recently announced an interesting collection of phones encrusted with sapphire crystals and made of a reported stone hybrid material.

The company we’re talking about is called Mobiado and the gadget we’re featuring is the Grand Touch Executive. The phone was actually released on the 30th of October, following a two year research and development process alongside an earlier crafted prototype, during 2010 to be more precise, reportedly named the CPT001, crafted from a solid block of marble.

The Grand Touch Executive however is crafted from hybrid stone material, while its back panel and buttons have been manufactured from sapphire crystal. It is available in a range of hybrid stone materials like marble and granite. In terms of performance it can be put somewhere on the middle range, with a 4.65 inch S-AMOLED touchscreen, 16 GB of storage capacity, regular smartphone features, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 5 MP camera.

It is at the moment available on Mobiado’s main website, but the price tags haven’t yet been disclosed. As the pieces manufactured by Mobiado are quite exclusive, don’t even bother to search for them in regular shops.


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