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The Prada maxi catamaran was officially unveiled

By Adrian Prisca


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Ever since 1978, the famous Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli have been at the lead of the Prada luxury brands company. The brand is now a stalwart name in everything that means fashion or luxury. But stepping aside from their daily businesses, we’re going to focus on their spare time now, more exactly on their brand new personal yacht.

It seems like one of their greatest pleasures is sailing, reportedly having spent a massive $52 million on a brand new luxury yacht which they’ll compete with in the America’s Cup sailing race, due to be taking place in 2013, in San Francisco.

They have already taken part in the historic race, for three times, this attempt being their forth. The vessel is a 22 foot long maxi catamaran, officially launched in the capital of New Zealand, Auckland, a week ago. The building process has reportedly taken 300 workers a total of 52,000 hours of painstaking work. Regarding the couple’s latest addition to the Prada sailing team, the CEO of Prada, Patrizio Bertelli, describes: “I feel it’s inappropriate to call it a boat or a yacht, it’s an industrial artifact that happens to sail on the ocean.”

In fact, the couple is quite famous for their ventures in yacht sailing, having competed in regattas in small boats, measuring 8 meters in length, as well as the magnificent Americas Cup. In a rather ironic manner, regarding each couple member’s role in sailing, Mr. Bertelli states: “She was the boatman, she was on the bow, she always had a role.”


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